Donate Remodeling Materials

Thank you for considering Habitat’s ReStore for your charitable donation! We accept assisting_customers2donations of new and used home goods and home improvement building materials from residential remodeling projects, retail closeouts, business remodeling, contractors, and builders!

If you reside outside of Franklin or Licking County, we invite you to locate a ReStore in your area for your convenience.

Please note that the following information is meant to serve as a general guide for you, our valued donors:

Since the ReStore has limited ability to pick up items, we very much appreciate your dropping off items when at all possible. (Pick-up service is available, but is limited to large or bulk items. Call (614) 364-7028 to schedule. Pick-ups are usually scheduled within one week.)

Donations can be conveniently dropped off  at our facilities during regular business hours.  Just look for the “Donation Drop Off” signs at either location.

If we are not already outside to greet you, just step inside and let our staff know you’ve arrived to drop off a donation. We will be more than happy to help unload, and provide you with a donation receipt. The whole process takes just a few minutes!

Please see the list at the bottom of this page for acceptable items.  Legal restrictions and limited storage capacity prevent the acceptance of some materials.  Please call if you are unsure about the acceptability of your donation. (614)-364-7028 or 614-RESTORE. 

Note:  We are unable to do repairs or to refurbish items, so all items must be fully functioning.

If we are unable to accept your donation, please visit our Other Donation and Disposal Centers page, or ask for a list of other facilities that may be able to assist you.

Items We Accept: New and Reusable…


  • Must be in good working condition
    • Washers, dryers, ovens, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, kitchen appliances, accessories
    • Gas appliances – remove the flexible connector prior to donation



  • Kitchen – please make sure doors and drawers are attached
  • Bath – must donated with matching sink/top



  • Granite, stone, Corian
  • Laminates – no laminates older than 4 years


Door Hardware

  • Door handles – please reassemble and/or organize in baggies



  • Interior
    • Solid wood
    • Light weight hollow-core (no used hollow core)
  • Exterior
    • Wood, steel, fiberglass
    • Patio doors with complete frames/tracks – No loose patio doors


Electrical – everything should be modern and in good working condition

  • Electronics
    • Recycled items are categorized as a “gift” and cannot be used as a tax deduction
    • Cell phone recycling drop-off
    • Computer recycling drop-off
  • TV recycling/salvage offered, fee is $1 per screen inch
  • Stereos, DVD’s, DVD players, speakers, amplifiers, etc.
  • Electrical supplies- all types, “Pushmatic” breakers are acceptable



  • Complete boxes vinyl siding – no loose or used siding
  • Complete bundles of roofing-shingles
  • Insulation-must be bagged



  • Faucets
  • Knobs
  • Switch plates
  • Plumbing supplies – no used sewer pipes please


  • Carpeting – good condition, room size (no odors, stains or holes)
  • Carpeting new – new carpeting is in high demand!
  • Carpeting used – room size pieces please
  • Vinyl – sheet vinyl of 6×9 or larger is acceptable
  • Hardwood and laminate new
  • Tile – whole boxes only please
  • Used Hardwoods & laminates – whole pieces only (please box and/or package up)



  • All types, in good condition. (no mattresses or box springs)
  • We accept some office furniture, in exceptional condition. Drop off only, please call ahead. (no large or commercial desks)



  • General housewares items now accepted!



  • New bricks (unfortunately, we cannot pick up any masonry products)
  • Stones
  • Fencing
  • Plants & flowers – always an exciting item for our patrons…if digging up perennials please place in box or container ready for resale at the ReStore



  • All residential types in good, working order (No florescent lighting) – Commercial lighting companies please call ahead of drop-off. In general, lighting that is packaged and complete is a great benefit to Habitat. Incomplete, disassembled, or disorganized light fixtures are of little benefit.


Lumber – no nails, not painted, not weathered, at least 6ft. in length. (All plywood and sheet goods should have straight cuts, no sharp, ripped, jagged, or torn sides, please)

  • Planks
  • Sheathing – clean, full sheets for Drywall, OSB and Plywood
  • Trim – same considerations as lumber…no nails, etc.
  • Misc. – finished sheet woods can be donated as shelf boards if at least 12in. x 24in.


(Sinks that are cracked, stained, or have wear around the drain do not sell and will not be accepted as a donation.)

  • Bathroom – no cultured marble sinks without the matching cabinet below
  • Utility
  • Kitchen
  • Cast iron, stainless, Corian – chipped, cracked, worn, or damaged sinks are an expense for us to dispose of; therefore, please make sure it is in good desirable condition.



Wall Covering

  • Wallpaper
  • Ceramic
  • Tile (tiles must be boxed) – full boxes only please


Windows – Used windows are actually hard to find a home for; therefore, please make sure they are in excellent, complete condition with the screens attached.

  • Double pane vinyl (in excellent condition)
  • Wood (no used wood windows)
  • Aluminum (no aluminum windows)
  • Glass block
  • Screens are acceptable

And other items… call (614) 364-7028 to see if yours qualify.

Most donations are tax deductible.



Items We Cannot Accept:

  • doorsAny items needing repair
  • Cultured marble sink tops missing the cabinet below
  • Porcelain drop-in bathroom sinks
  • non-white and dated colored bathtubs and jacuzzis
  • dishwashers
  • Florescent lighting
  • Mercury thermostats/anything containing mercury
  • Single-pane windows
  • Used paint or any chemicals
  • Used shower doors
  • Used toilets
  • Items that create a safety hazard, such as items with protruding nails, etc.
  • Items that are broken, excessively dirty, or in poor condition do not sell and will not be accepted as a donation.
  • Mattresses, box springs or bedding
  • If in doubt about your potential donation, just call us at (614) 364-7028.

All donations are accepted or rejected at our discretion based on condition of the item and re-sale potential.  In order to utilize our volunteer pick-up service, all items must be organized, removed from the home, and placed in a garage or outside. (For liability reasons, we cannot remove/disconnect items from your home.)